Freelance website development

I specialise in websites and web apps built using a mix of front end and back end technologies.

The technology changes all the time, but the fundamental skills and methods that are needed remain the same.

Currently working on projects that use: Astro, Gatsby, Contentful, MDX, React, Wordpress, HTML&CSS, Webhooks.

Front end

  • Modern HTML and CSS including grid and flexbox
  • Javascript frameworks like Astro, Gatsby and React
  • Responsive and mobile-first layouts
  • Page builders like Webflow and Squarespace
  • Static hosting for JAMstack sites

Back end

  • CMS frameworks like Drupal and Wordpress
  • Headless CMS APIs like Contentful
  • API development and 3rd party integration
  • Ecommerce and payments
  • Managed hosting for complex sites

Some recent freelance and personal projects

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