Twitter bots and apps

I've been using the Twitter API to create apps and bots since 2010.

Sure you can make useful Twitter bots, but I love making creative, arty and fun ones.

A full list of my Twitter apps and bots is on my Sharpshooter Labs site, my Twitter bots list, and my Botwiki page.

Twitter bots

Especially good for riffing on jokes, images, memes and more.

  • Scheduled posts
  • Posting randomly generated text
  • Posting randomly generated images and video
  • Responding automatically to tweet mentions
  • Responding automatically to DM mentions

Twitter bot examples

Twitter apps

Automate Twitter with apps and bots that use the Twitter API.

  • Showing a user's tweets
  • Deleting a user's saved searches
  • Showing all tweets using specific hashtags

Twitter app examples

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