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Recent work

AI cupcakes - a human/AI collaboration

I just collaborated with Tiny Giant on a project to create an AI tool that would generate cupcake recipes.

I created and trained a char-rnn Recurrent Neural Network using Textgenrnn and TensorFlow, running on Google Colaboratory.

We fed it with hundreds of cupcake recipes, and trained the model until it output some usable (but slightly weird) recipes.

Then we actually made the cupcakes! They were delicious, and there are lots of photos on the Tiny Giant instagram account.

I gave a talk about the creative and technical process at I'll Be Back South West (December 2018).

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There are lots of uses for Creative AI

  • Generating email subject lines
  • Generating Twitter posts
  • Generating any kind of text!
  • Automatically tagging and describing uploaded images
  • Filtering adult and inappropriate content
  • Generating images, ads and other creative elements

Examples of Creative AI services

  • Generating content with Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Image tagging and facial recognition using tools like OpenCV and Cloudinary
  • Alexa Skills and other voice applications
  • Interactive Twitter bots

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