Sharpshooter Digital

Drupal expert in Bristol, UK. Site building, module development, theming, upgrades, migration.

About me. Who, what, where, why, when?

Hello there.

At the moment, Sharpshooter Digital is just Derek Ahmedzai, a freelance web developer based in Bristol, UK.

I'm a Drupal specialist, who also works with WordPress and other open source PHP frameworks and content management systems. I use Node.js and other exciting technologies too. I've been working on the web since 1999.

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I am a member of the Bristol Usability Group.

I'm a firm believer in web accessibility. I lurk on various accessibility forums and mailing lists. I am a member of Accessible Bristol.

A potted history :–


I discover the web. It's all blue links on grey backgrounds.


Work for AMX Studios in London as an interactive developer. Make lots of things with Flash and “dynamic HTML”. Great fun.


Move to Bristol and work for Proctor & Stevenson as their senior developer. Lots of exciting projects in C# and PHP — oh, and discovered Drupal.


Set up on my own as a freelance web developer. Front-end, back-end, and everything in between. Lots of Drupal and WordPress.


Responsive web design has got me resizing browsers like a mad-man. Meant to learn Ruby, but went for Node.js instead.


Went startup crazy and launched Drupal Bureau (for mega Drupal sites) and Fundsurfer (an awesome crowdfunding platform)!