Sharpshooter Digital

Drupal expert in Bristol, UK. Site building, module development, theming, upgrades, migration.

Services. This is what I do :–

  • Drupal websites

    Need a content-managed website? I can build one from scratch in Drupal.

    If you already have a static or content-managed website, I can migrate that to Drupal, too.
    Drupal sites can have blogs, forums, events calendars, shopping carts, image galleries and much more. Chances are, if you want it, Drupal can do it.

    Need custom modules or themes? I do those too.

  • Web apps

    Sometimes using Drupal is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

    If Drupal doesn't do what you want, or you need something *really* special, I can build custom websites and web apps using technologies and frameworks like CakePHP or Node.js.

  • Responsive sites

    Hand-built using web standards. That means valid HTML5, responsive CSS and Javascript.

    It's going to look great on a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop computer.

  • HTML emails

    Need to send some lovely marketing emails? Want to know who read them, and who clicked-through?

    I can set you up with your own email newsletter system, or if you already have one, can build HTML templates for it.

  • Twitter, Facebook and other apps

    Want a web app that uses the Twitter or Facebook APIs? I can do that.

  • Design, copywriting and SEO

    I don't do design* or copywriting or SEO, but I know a lot of talented people who do.
    So if you need design, words or SEO for a project, I know who to bring on-board.

    * unless you want a scribbly, hand-drawn picture of a robot. In which case, I'm your man.